Monday, 10 March 2014


I have no idea if SOTS stood for anything. All I knew was that I was one because I was a slave to the higher power.

While in Namibia I joined Centaurus High School. I thought it was a pretty fancy school till we got put in the hostel even though we lived only 10 mins from the school. Dont know if I ever asked my mother why. To make it worse my brother was in a different school because as I was in High school and he in Primary.

I must say I met the coolest guys in the world at this hostel. We got through tough times and had loads of fun doing so. Guys like Donnie, Goodwill, Azane, Cecil, & all the rest. We lived two in a room with lots of space. We learnt the hard way about structure and discipline. You cleaned  your room everyday for inspection and scheduled to clean bathroom, toilets and showers as well. We talking military precision folds in the bedding and lick off the floor cleanliness.

If any of your areas were found dirty you were penalized with points. I think it was 5 points each. These were dreaded like syphilis because you went home every Friday and returned Sunday night. If you got 15 points you could only go home Friday night and not after school. Maybe 20 points meant you went home Saturday and 25 you stayed at hostel the whole weekend. Bloody hell that was hectic. Maybe only a couple of guys did not go home weekends and the place was dead, no one wanted to stay a minute longer on weekends.

As the newbies we were called SOTS. Sots were the slaves of the matriculants or seniors students. You get assigned a senior and your life is theirs. They make you do shit like polish their shoes, do laundry, clean room and buy stuff for the dinner table. I cant remember my senior much but I didnt do much for him. Others were on hands and knees making their owners happy. I think I had a quiet Asian dude that wasn't really into the torture bit.

Some Misadventures:

One day some seniors called us into a room. So 4 of us dweebs had to stand shoulder to shoulder holding the others ears creating a link. Buddy at end had to hold onto a live wire while my other buddy at the other end had to touch a wire connected to a car battery. If I remember correctly this human link meant we shocked each other connected by the ears. Damn I should of been smarter than that!

One evening seniors at the dinner table challenged Sots to drink a whole jug of water. Only George would raise his hand and prove his metal by drinking the whole jug. Feeling very proud of myself, I became worried when he found funny tasting crystals left over in the jug. And so started my 4 hour ordeal on the toilet pot and life was never the same again. Can someone say brooklax

The school was massive with girls and boys hostels behind the school about 200 meters apart. Like true Ninja Turtles we found a network of tunnels accessed through storm drains. We did the only logical thing. Grabbed some skateboards,flash lights and crossed some metal link chains over our chests. We were gonna skate on our stomachs all the way underground to the girls hotels. Hopefully coming up in their bathroom or locker room. Down the ladder we went about 6 meters down into a large chamber. The first few guys started down the tunnel and two of us were left when we heard something above. The seniors found out about our adventure and decided to lock us down in the sewer pipes. William and I begged to be let out and I think there was some tears as well. After some time torturing us they allowed us to climb out. They made us piss into a barrell and when the others came back from the tunnels they stood in the chamber looking up shouting to be let out. And thats when the piss was thrown on them. Glad I was on the other end of that. Sorry guys, sometimes in life you have to think about self preservation.

Good O'l days....

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