Tuesday, 11 November 2014

You can Help these kids too..............

Hello all

My mom was a nurse and worked for Nazareth House in Cape Town a few times. She always had fond memories of all the kids there who were HIV positive being looked after by the nurses and nuns.

Since my moms passing I donate every month so they can continue to care for the terminally ill children and seniors whose families have abandoned them.

Even though I am in Canada I send money every month. The culture where I live now sees the entire city coming together donating heavily in support of those in needs. You cannot imagine how eager the culture is here to assist and uplift the needy. I only wish I was more responsible earlier in life especially in Cape Town.

You know that I am a serious guy and would not mess around with these big useless charities unless I did my homework. Here you have an opportunity to give straight to the heart of those who need it.

So I ask you to think about giving them a few Dollars or Rands a month by clicking on the link. One day your spouse might abandon you because you are brain damaged and they might send you to Nazareth \House where you make friends with some sick little kids who actually puts a smile on your grumpy face every now and then.

Be caring and support them. If you did nothing good today, now is your chance to give back.


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