Saturday, 24 March 2012

Bursting your bubble

On my first trip to Canada it was winter and we stayed in a hotel after landing. Our hotel room had a door opening up onto the parking and main road. In the morning we got ready and Marie starts up their fancy SUV, she immediately closes the door and takes a shower. Now what I could not understand is how can you leave the keys in the car near the open roadway. I had to stand at the window and watch the car. My in laws were telling me to relax and no one will take the car but I could not get myself to move from the window. Like when you dream you running but cant seem to move. That was me.

I had an obligation as a good South African to ensure security and that all items are secured!! How can any self respecting Saffa allow such negligence. It was just not possible. Well............ all that these Canadians could do was laugh at me, but my conscience is clear and we still have the car. Finish and klaar.....

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