Sunday, 29 July 2012

Iam telling you stereotypes do not exist its all in the mind. Or so I thought. So there I was. First time in Mexico. And No I was not scared. Seen Mexico in the movies a thousand times. Got some Jeeps and missioned to find a cave to dive in. We hit some dirt roads and drove into the bush/forest away from the city. So there on the lonely road in the middle of no where we find the cave enterance. So a Mexican dude loitering on the road approaches and first thing out his mouth is "Hey Amigo" I almost had a fucken heart attack. My time has finally come. Everytime I heard "Hey Amigo" in the movies some cowboy turned around a the poor dude got shot up and never saw it coming. I was sure he was gonna pull a piece on me. Maybe he drank too much tequila and thought he was in a cowboy movie. Then my buddy told me to chill because Amigo means friend. Ya I know, Idiot.  
Cave Diving, Playa Del Carmen

Talking about movies, dont  you always see Mexicans with ponchos and sombreros? So every where you turn these are being sold. Why on earth would you wear this shit when the temperature is always 35C with 100% humidity. I sweat so much in Cozumel I drip wet spots where ever I walk. If my wife ever lost me, all she had to do was follow the wet puddles to catch up with me. Can you imagine wearing this thick and itchy poncho over your already sweaty clothing.  And dont get me started on the famous Mexican blankets. They last thing I want while melting in the sun is to buy a blanket. But peer pressure is a bitch and my blanky has been with me for years.

                                                              My bodyguards, Cozumel

Made some really great Mexican friends on my travels. Down to earth, fun loving and with a zest for life. They are all cool and collected until they hear you bragging how much you love hot, hot, spicy food. This really brings out the worst in them. So of course no one can eat hotter food than a Mexican so now they all wanna challenge me to eating the hottest sauces and food. So every dinner is like a Survivor challenge with a mush up of hot sauces from around the world. Everyone trying to out do the next one. Tip of the day: always put your toilet paper in the fridge before one of these dinners. Thats all I,am saying. So to David and Jonathon. Bring it On!!

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