Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Good Ol Times

Iam actually excited that Boyz 2 Men is having a show in Winnipeg. Too bad no one here has a clue who they are!

Let me put you in the picture quickly - its 1994 at 4:30am and my crew is out on a party mission. We are 7 guys in 3 cars. None of the cars could drive over 80kph without disintegrating or rocking like a dingy in a hurricane. If I remember it was a red Mazda 323, white Ford escort & canary yellow Fiat 128. With a few bottles of Klipdrift Brandy and a 5 liter white wine bag we were styling like Cindy Crawford on a runway. Just so happens I had a thousand pictures of Cindy all over my walls and ceiling. Let me let you fantasies don't get better than her!! She was the one and only, Claudia had nothing on you.


Yes we were all wasted because designated drivers are fictional shit that's only seen in American movies. Beside driving with all windows down - at least the ones that worked - the trick is to leave all your empty beer and brandy bottles on the floor so that every time you take a corner their rattling would wake  you up and keep you alert. Yet we could never understand why some mornings we woke up in our driveway no idea hoe we got there - seems the bottles did not work everytime??

Getting back to 4:30am we on our way to the beach. It took ages because the cars split up at a traffic circle with each on taking a different exit. Once we lost sight of each other we were in shit. Remember there were no cell phones and cant contact the other cars. Normally we would call each others houses and leave messages with the mothers until someone called home to check for messages. Ya......a real smoke signal process......but we were children of the 80's and thats how we rolled. Our main entertainment on the drive was called an I-Sing because Ipods were not invented yet. And when you drunk you only wanna sing easy songs you can remember and make you cry! So Boyz 2 Men was the perfect ticket. This is where Karaoke really started. Their songs gave us great times and unforgettable brotherly bonding........but sorry guys you loose out to Cindy........thank Cindy for all the special moments.......I will never forget you. Damn this was suppose to be about B2M! Talk about easily distracted.

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