Saturday, 29 September 2012

Old Torpie

You know you have reached a pinnacle in your life when you consider buying the latest, sleakest and sharpest Mini van there is. Listen......Iam not kidding. How the mighty have fallen.

Of course the wife won't mind spending $30000 on a van in which you cannot pick up any women. The baby seat itself is the greatest deterrent of them all. Havent heard of anyone pulling up to Walmart looking for some MILF action with a mini van. Then again.......

The amazing Honda Odyssey

Suppose the next quick sand of aging would be wearing hand knitted booties and comfy cotton slacks - Oh shit Iam wearing that already. Dont judge, those damn booties are so snug and of course I dont wear them when people visit, they are perfectly fine. Funny how age creeps up on you. One day you raving your hiney off in the club until 10am and waking up on the floor of the bank's ATM room, the next you buying a mini van. Times are changing and if you dont you'll be the 52 year old timer still trying to hit the night clubs in the vain attempt to regain the youth you once possessed.

Dont misunderstand! I come from a long line of party animals. My mom usually stays out later than I do when visiting SA. One night I took the wife out partying at the Gala for old times sake. We got home at a reasonable 2am or 3am. We chilled for a while then fell asleep only to be woken at 4am by mom coming home making a huge racket and cooking up steaks. You gotta be a loser when your mom mocks you for getting home before her. Oh, how times have changed.

So driving around in a mini van with a few babies might not be such a bad thing. I remember when we used to use other peoples babies to pick up chicks. Women seem to love a man with a baby. You couldn't ask for a better ice breaker.

So to regain my lost soul I will buy my dream Mercedes Benz convertible..............with the wifes permission of course!!!!

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