Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Religionless Baby......

Yes I said it. A baby with no religion. So take off your bra and pour yourself a drink, this is no reason to loose your mind. Wouldn't want you to have a premature mid life crisis, because if anything happens we will not be praying for you.

Baby is 6 months old and suppose people still expect me to send invites for some or other ceremony. Something about baptism, christening or something politically sounding like that. I know that a thanks is in order for this beautiful addition to your family and thats why Iam booking a hotel, wine, gala dinner and babysitter for my wonderful wife. Thank you love!

Since small we have always gone to church with ouma. Mom would dress us in our best threads with those shiny shoes and post us off to ouma. There were would stand mumbling our way through the hymns that everyone else knows off heart. Most of the process was just repetitive but every now and then the priest would turn stand up and give us a good laugh to make the boredom more bearable. For some reason our families confused our excitement for a calling and enrolled us in confirmation classes. And like Rick Ashley this did not last long. So dont tell me I know nothing of this. I do. I just dont feel it though. From being Roman Catholic to Anglican my calling to pray must of got lost in the many emails in my inbox.

Did this keep us out of church? Nope. We went as a family to every funeral and wedding we could in hope that we could con our way into getting complimentary ticket to heaven. This loop hole was our saving grace and yes - it does count!. As of late - like the last 15 years - I had no need for church or religion. I also dont believe its a necessity in life. Well mainly I worked Sundays and rent was important.

Now with a baby of our own do we pass the memory of childhood religion long forgotten onto baby? Will this give him the skills in life to navigate the mine fields of this world. I am not too sure. I do believe many friends and family have a healthy commitment to their religions. Personally I believe that religions seem to be a good crutch to use when you are battling whatever drama you have in your life. This is certainly true for many of my friends who were have not only hit rock bottom but slammed down all the way to middle earth. When no one on earth understands or can help you its best to believe in something that can not disappoint you and can guide you with its beliefs. If this is a structure that will help your cause then I say go for it. We all know all other help costs money.

I think I will leave such a choice for Elim to make or even consider on his own. There is too much hatred and ignorance around the thousands of religions out there and I want him to be able to neutral in all this madness. I want him not to be restricted and regulated by any standard. You might not agree with my well researched doctoral thesis but then again its none of your business. I could be completely wrong in your eyes but again.....its irrelevant. 

Now that I have spoken I will guide the kiddo to wherever he wants to go in life. That's with my approval of course.

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