Sunday, 24 February 2013

Dont Friggin laugh....

My mother was always the social butterfly. She enjoyed life to the fullest in her own way. She enjoyed clubbing even till into her late sixties. Coming from a family in the liquer and night club business she had many friends in the industry. This is just another story of what happens after dark.

So my mom was invited to a jazz club opening belonging to one of her friends. We got a few friend together and planned to spend the night there. Yes I party with my mother, so what!!! With her, getting ready was as much fun as being at the party itself. We would open our first bottle while she and her friend Mario apply the make up. If all goes well the whiskey would be done before leaving the house.

Arriving at the club we were treated well. Everyone was dressed up and there to support a new venture. The music was excellent and drinks flowed like it was New Years eve!! Knowing everyone in the club my mom would work her way through many faces with her entourage who plan to ride this till the wheels fall off. Needless to say the party was went on until the early hours. Waking up the next morning with a house full of friends all recovering is such a bonding experience. Mom would be cooking with animated conversation while everyone would continue with the hangover drinks.

The room suddenly erupts in an explosion of laughter when a male friend realizes he has no teeth. Somehow through the night he lost his dentures. There he is scratching his head trying to jog his memory of what happened. The genius realized he was throwing up in the clubs toilets and this is where the dislodging must of occurred. We immediately called the club asking them to check the toilets for the life saving dentures. After a few minutes the club called saying they were found and ready for pickup if we still wanted it!! This caused huge laughter and excitement resulting in another round of drinks at 10am in the morning.

So a couple of friends jumped in the car and off to the club. They returned soon enough with the dentures which were laying in the toilet for the whole night. The guy did not care where it was and just overjoyed that he had them back. So begun the sanitizing and washing of the dentures. After being soaked for a couple of hours the very proud owner came into the kitchen with a mouth full of teeth........but with no smile at all. Suddenly he pops out the teeth and says

"They dont fit, they not mine!"

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Bushman Diaries said...

Had to share this comment I received on FB
"It reminds me of going to Ratanga Juction one evening... lekker gesuip natuurlik, but my buddies were "extreme"! So off we went on the ride and then I just felt it raining.............. one of my buddies hit the jackpot while on the ride...... shit!!! Getting off he says he lost his teeth and he goes to the operator. The operator takes him to a shed with a 25litre bucket filled with dentures. The bliksem has the cheek to tell my buddy to see which deture will match the set he lost!!! Daai ou is so naar.............. he hit the jackpot all over again!!!"