Monday, 22 April 2013

Profiling Gag

I finally completed my little say on profiling after a specific incident I experienced while out on a date night. As was customary I had the wife proof read the intellectual piece for some constructive feedback. I really respect her opinion and if she lights up with a smile or some laughter I know the piece is good. Boy was I surprised when her blank response was for me to remove the blog and send it to all damnation!!

I know I have no filter on my mouth but thats the only way to live stress free. If you have something on  your mind you gotta say it. Apparently my honesty with this topic was not appreciated and would of only lived to provoke and antaganize the masses. After six paragraphs of my ramblings she does mention that my closure slightly softens my outlandish opinion but this was not enough to make the topic more palpable.

I feel like a Nazi gag order on imposed on my free speech and I should not be afraid to share my opinion even at the risk of offending others. It must be said that my opinion did in know way reflect any hatred but simply just informed the reader of the real truth behind profiling. Being coloured and from South Africa, I do not hesitate pointing out stereotypes and talking about race even though the Canadians around me blush of embarrassment and disgust. You cannot avoid situations that are uncomfortable to address by pretending they don't exist. Tackle it head on is what I say.

Now if only I had the balls to stand up to my wife and re-post my original blog. I would then need a place to sleep for the night.

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