Monday, 2 September 2013

You either a Man or a Mouse!

You either a Man or a Mouse! Those powerful words that has corrupted mans sense of pride and boosted our overused ego. There is no grey area, no substitute for bravery, no second chances. Your infinite being all comes down to two words. Man or Mouse. And no you can't be both or can you? What you are about to witness here is nothing less than a lion disguised as a mouse explaining himself and convincing you that the story you are about to hear is justified and reasonable.

I guess its in the Nineties and our twentys are roaring along on a wild liquer infused binge. We woke up in clubs on an almost day basis and the flavour of the month was Club Lenin. In the heart of Athlone I thought it had the best high tech lighting Ive seen. The sound system was spot on and the design was just right. It had all the qualities of a great night club except for a small issue. It was right in the middle of mad Athlone. Although it was opposite a police station it surrounded by many areas controlled by hundreds of different gangs and they all believed Athlone belonged to them. Why would such slicks cats as ourselves consider this club I dont know. I guess we were just greedy for anything exciting and edgy.

So the four of us are partying like the world is ending after the set. We were young stupid and had lots of money so why not. Okay so scene is set and here is what happened. Club is done and time to go home which was only a 30 minute walk away. So its pitch dark walking through the CBD which is completely dead. All businesses closed up and deserted. We decide not to walk through the subway as its a perfect ambush opportunity. Thug life in Athlone was rife and still is. So we go the long way around and over the bridge onto the safe side. We all about safety so watching the shadows and over our shoulders for any movement or threat.

Walking in the middle of the road we reach the beginning of the bridge with the bank on our right and bridge to the left. Its dead quiet and suddenly a chill runs up my spine. Something said turn around. What I saw turned my balls into raisins. I could make out a gang coming toward us. This group of dark figures spread out and covered the entire road, not what you want in the middle of the night in a deserted business district where your screams will not be heard. I thought to myself stay cool and calm and keep walking. This failed when I heard them shout "Daars hulle naaiers!!!" (There are the fuckers) You could see of few of them had bottles in the hands and while they started running toward us they were breaking the bottles on the road spraying glass all over and pointing jaggared edges our way. I didnt even need to think about it. My legs took off like a jet pack burning tar as I flew up the bridge. My boy David was right behind me and we were making distance. Its our life we running for damn dont let me die like this. They would probably catch us but our survival instincts gave us a shot at life. I could feel they were almost in striking distance thinking Ill be stabbed any minute.

In my attempt to escape I realized we were only two running. I turned around and saw my brother and cousin standing still facing these guys. "What the fuck?" I am half way up the bridge and these two hero's are gonna get killed. There was no way I would make it to them before the gang but it was my bro down there. My heart sunk as the attacking group swallowed them as they clashed. It was dark and I couldnt make out the details. I could hear something like screaming. I tried to concentrate but thinking the fight was 20 to 4 with odds on us being dead.

Actual Bridge, Klipfontein Road, Athlone

Through all the screaming down there I heard laughing.  They were laughing at me and David standing on top of the bridge. Turns out we used to party with this group. They took the piss and decided to scare us with a violent onslaught of screaming and smashing bottles. I guess it worked just slightly. Of course I did the right thing and I gave those other two shit for not running. Listen......if you have a fighting chance then take it. Otherwise you cant be messing around in Athlone after dark completed out numbered. It just doesn't make sense.

I might be a mighty mouse but Iam a living one!!!!


Bushman Diaries said...

ya i remember that. what the f@*k was i thinking standing there and not running. i remember thinking at least take one of these bastards down. my heart felt like it droped our of my ass when i saw them coming but i knew jeram could'nt outrun them so i thought fight the bastards

Terrence Wilton

Bushman Diaries said...

Ou Davie and I got the fuck out of there. Hahahaha.......damn that was a night hey!! I cant remember if how gesuip we were or not. You were kak brave bru, you were probably drinking Klippies that night!!!!