Thursday, 14 November 2013

Illegal Aliens

We crept up to the border not knowing how this was going down. It was dark, very dark. The dark you find in the desert is unlike any other as miles around you see no lights only vast expanse of sand swirling the dunes. Up ahead was the most fearsome army on the continent. Renowned for their brutality, torture and nuclear weapons they were indeed an imposing force. Our strategy should be perfect because if caught here in the middle of the desert we would disappear and no one would hear the screams.

I remember being camouflaged in the darkness and had a soldier stand a foot away from me. I could hear and sense his foot next to my head then my heart stopped as he cocked his gun. Where did it all go wrong? I will attempt to explain.

We were on a family adventure for a year in a foreign country. Yep, packed our bags and moved to Namibia. Formerly the South West Africa it was the year of their independence. There were United Nations troops and vehicles all over the country to ensure the transition was smooth. White Range Rovers with the words UNTAG stenciled no the sides were everywhere. It stood for United Nations Transition Assistance Group. Not sure what they did but you had a sense of calm and security. Hardly and normal feeling in Africa.

Actual border crossing.
After a year of living in the Capital, Windhoek and travelling all over the country on holiday it was time to return home to SA. That day mom took us to the police station to have a copy of her passport certified. We then went to board the bus for the 20 hour drive south. At boarding we were stopped by the stewardess saying our mom had to go with us and that her passport copy was not good enough. We were being met by family on Cape Town on arrival while mom finalized all the details before joining us. They warned us the border security might not let us through but apparently "we" were willing to take that chance.

So my brother and I jump on the bus against protest from the staff because we were just as desperate to get home to our family and friends. It was going to be a long drive so we got comfy and had the company of some beautiful stewardesses. Dont know what was wrong with me but they were so attractive I could not concentrate on anything else. What would happen if I grazed their bum with my hand? Damn these teenage hormones is gonna have me arrested on day. Control yourself!!

So Iam sitting next to Mr Friendly who gave me a long story of how I look like his son and he will look after me. All we have to do is follow him when we get off the bus. Okay douche I watch TV 24/7 I know how this ends. Its with my foot up your ass. You could of came with more game but it was like an amateur waving candy to some kids on the corner. I told the man it is okay because my brother and I need no help and we know where we going. Plus I saw you on Police File once.

Before the border we ordered food on board to eat at a restaurant along the way. We got off to eat and waited big time for the food. They said it was coming just now but they lied. Once moving again we could not prepare ourselves for what happened. They gave instruction that everyone is to disembark and present themselves to border control at both borders. Immigration forms were given out and completed. We stopped at the first border which was Namibian and as everyone disembarked the sexy stewardess pulled us aside and said to follow her. (Hhhmm I thought)She then told us they will smuggle us across both borders because they afraid we will be left there. So right at the back of the bus she got us to squeeze under the seats on both sides and threw blankets over us. As the army inspects the bus we need to be concealed. Ya I cant make this shit up.

I could hear the soldiers onboard and was ready to piss my pants but then again I was from Athlone and would of fought my way out. Wrapped under a blanket my breathe was heating up the space I was in. My breathing seemed thunderous as I unsuccessfully tried to slow it like James Bond does. After what seemed an eternity they finally walked off the bus. We heard the passengers board again and we came up for air. As soon as they saw us they all started screaming and telling us to run off the bus to declare ourselves. It was tough getting them to calm down as we had no time for explanations. Eventually we moved 20 meters to the South African border. Once again everyone got off and we hid like poverty stricken refugees under blankets. One border was tough enough but now we were adding to our criminal record which would be a mile long by the end of this night.

This time the soldiers cocked their guns before stomping around onboard. How happy this racist army would be to find two coloured boys trying to smuggle back into this white country. Iam sure we would make the news. "Confused boys smuggling the wrong way" These two boys are the only ones in history actually trying to get into this country while everyone else is running away.

With his steps being more pronounced I slowed my breathing but I could hear my heart pounding so loud - like an abusive husband trying to beat up his wife in the bathroom. I started sweating and worrying. It was even worst because I could not see my brother. We been through all types of ridiculous situations but now it felt he was miles away on the other side of the isle. I would do anything to protect my brother so bring it on.

And in a flash it was over. The bus was making its way to sunny Cape Town and our adventure had come to an end. It was time to wait until Good Hope FM came on the radio to know that you are close to Cape Town. With the mountain in view we got off the bus and kissed the ground with tears in our eyes. It was the most beautiful moment in our lives.

Coming to think of it this is a brilliant story and something I am really proud of. It had everything .....guns, army, border posts, sexy ladies, smuggling and infamy. Now go carry on with your boring lives while I finishing this piece.

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