Sunday, 9 August 2015

Psycho Sales Techniques

Driving on a beautiful summers day enjoying the view of the river and BAMM straight into a truck! That's how it all started. Against my will I am now forced to purchase a new car and pay for the next few years. Alfie our Corolla was 11 years old and more dependable than most of you no gooders!!

Part 1
I get into this brand new Hyndai Santa Fe SUV. Mr Sales guy is a cool 21 years of age with mother from Guyana, that was my first clue that things are gonna get interesting (because of my love of Guyanese people) He drives off the lot & finds a gravel road along the highway. At the end of the road is a river with a right turn going under the bridge which crosses the river. So Mr Sales guy says Mr Engel let me show you stability and electronic balancing. He takes off like a bat with his foot flat on the pedal. I am holding onto to dear life and can see myself in the police station being questioned why we were floating in the river.

Flying down the road towards the bloody river he takes his hands off the wheels and holds them in the air like I am holding his ass up. Iam like "shit these cops wont believe this story" He then slams his foot on the breaks and the SUV sails over the gravel spraying stones all over the place. Amazingly we come to a stop still on the gravel road and he tells me "look we slid down the road in a straight line, that is stability Mr Engel"

Before I can say "are you Jus in your head" He pulls away with his foot flat down telling me not to worry as he will take a sharp right before going into the river and slide around the corner under the bridge with perfection. I see only a small gap between the river and the bridge and all I am thinking of is these people just made me a citizen and giving me a passport and I am going die in this car with a psycho salesman that missed a few hugs as a child.

Speeding straight for the river I feel myself pressing invisible breaks, with 5 meters to go he serves right without slowing down and the SUV takes the corner like a champ. Its electronic sensors are preventing the car from sliding off into the river and maintain and flat out speed along the turn. At least this is what Mr Daredevil is trying to explain to me.

What on earth is going on here!! He is trying to get me deported cause I just signed my life away just to take the car for a spin and Mighty Mouse over here is hogging the thrill factor. This is too much pressure for the African. I thought the customer is suppose to drive like a maniac while Mr Sales guy tells them to slow down. No ways not at this place. Shit I landed up in the wrong car at the wrong time. The fact that we made that corner has nothing to do with it at all. This oke has some issues he needs to deal with but not with me in the car. My liability extends as far as I can throw him and that's not far.

Part 2

I am not a negotiator & never was. If I don't like you I just walk away instead of playing the cat and mouse sales bit cause I know you got more angles that I just don't care for. So we see this shiny SUV that is just what we want with all the trimmings. I ask what the price and he wants to take us for a test drive. I told him I just survived my last test but he can take me wife. So goes for a drive and she loves the car, so we sit down. I tell him to give me the price and make it snappy as we have other dealerships to go to. He starts looking up the cars at the dealerships I mention and talking shit about them. I tell him to focus on his car and if he makes the sale good for him.

He gives me a promissory note to sign saying if he gives me a deal I will buy the car. I said he thinks I must be stupid to sign a promissory note when he has not even given me the price yet. He says they want it signed as they don't want to do all this work and then I buy somewhere else. Well if you didn't want to work today you should of stayed at home watching CNN!...... WTF are you on man? That's your job to work out numbers and sell shit. You know what you can do with your paper. I go for a walk and want to pack the baby in the car because Psycho salesman here needs motivation to sell me something. Marie tells him I wont sign Jack. Then he goes and comes back with another form to sign? This form says he is explaining all the features of the SUV and needs my signature because below it acknowledges our conversation and I promise to buy the vehicle from him.

Okay that's enough!! He hasn't even given me the price and comes up with this Mickey Mouse sales bullshit. And off to the car I go with the baby! That's what happens when you don't listen to people. You piss them off and you lose a sale. Thank God my wife is the smart one who has time and patience and she elegantly got introduced to the manager who was a superb salesman and closed the deal. I had enough I was hungry lets go eat. Exhausting!!

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