Sunday, 16 July 2017

Dumpster Diving or First World Perks

What would me dear mother say if she were alive and saw me picking up childrens toys from second hand shops, garage sales and along the side of the road? Skannerluk comes to mind. But if she only knew the life style here she might have a second opinion.

Well let me tell ya something. Every other weekend the lovely people of Winnipeg put items on their curb which they no longer want. This is not garbage or broken items because those are just sent out with the trash. I am talking about working and good condition belongings that are now unwanted. Old working Tvs, Water coolers, stoves, fridges, toys, furniture etc......

So many times I would drive by items that caught my eye but knowing that my mother was looking down on me, I dare not touch it. "Is jy befok?" is something that I would hear in my thoughts. You see even though I am from Africa taking charity was never easy or welcomed. There was always too much pride. Still to this day I am not able to give a discount coupon over the counter because that means I needed it. Unacceptable right there, my pedigree would not allow it.

In Canada the massively popular Tim Hortons Coffee has the Roll Up the Rim challenge. After your coffee is finished you roll the rim to see if you won a car or coffee. I have won many free coffees but for the life of me I am unable to hand it over the counter. I just cant. So I give it away.

I also do not do well with negotiating because that means I need the discount and I come from a royal African family that do not need any discounts. I too have no idea why my thought pattern has evolved as such. What I know is that my mother instilled a sense of pride in us and it has always just stuck.

So mom its time to admit something. I drove past a huge beautiful kitchen set complete with fake pans, cutlery and plastic foods. Thinking about the smile on my daughters face I wrestled my demons and contested my regrets, debated my pride and thought fuck it. I am gonna do it and I dont care who the hell is watching me.

I did a U turn like I was going to save a dying friend on the side of the road. I pulled up jumped out of the SUV,,,,,,ran like my life depended on it. Picked up the huge pink kitchenette and bolted back across the road. They owner was moving and had a container on the lawn. He did not see me which was all for the best.  Within 5 seconds it was in my SUV  but the boot could not close. I was starting to get embarrassed and wanted to take it out and leave it in the road before someone saw me but then I saw rope I hid in my boot (the "just in case rope") and quickly tied everything up. I wheel spinned out of there and surprised my daughter with a beautiful kitchenette I just bought at the shop!!!

She loved it.....

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