Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Water Crisis Resolved

Dear Cape Tonians in Africa

My name is George and I am the son of a Canadian Prime Minister. I have connections in the government that allows me access to the glaciers. My father has allowed me to send 25 container ships filled with thousands of containers of pure glacier ice which you can dump into your dams. My step mom is in charge of Export and will not charge you for the ice or the ships. All I ask is to pay the poor port workers a total of $250 000.00. We believe our generosity is worth the mere payment to the workers because Canadians are very thoughtful to think of them. Please make the money order out to the Engels Save Water Crisis Foundation. On receipt thereof we will begin shipping the ice immediately in refrigerated containers.

But you have to hurry because our glaciers are temperamental and they too might not be long for this world. The water struggle is real but we here to help. Please make only one money order for total amount and spell correctly our name. Please share the more ice you get.

At your Service,
George Engel PHD, AHD, PMS Prime Ministers son.
United states of Canada

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