Sunday, 15 April 2018

Turkey Giveaway

So every week after doing our shopping my wife asks if I want a whole turkey at checkout and everyweek I say I dont want it. Why pay for this huge bird when its all just a big mess. I was not sure why she insisted because our first thanksgiving here we made the Turkey dinner. First buying the huge roasting pot along with basting thingy etc. It came out perfect but we had so much left over it just took up space. I know we suppose to be resourceful and make soup and sandwiches for 2 months but whos got time for that.

Ya so only the other day I find out that because we spend so much on groceries we get a free gift. The free gift was a whole turkey. Damn I thought she wanted me to pay for a turkey every week. I could of fed whole of Africa with all the turkeys I said no to. Even if I wanted to give it away its not like there are poor people outside the store I can just give it to.

Anyway they started to give other gifts now which I do take. Next turkey I will take to shelter downtown and spread the love. 

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