Thursday, 12 April 2012

Coffee Crazy

Only in North America can you stand in a coffee shop and ask for a "coffee" and no one understands what you want. If you get the technical name wrong you could be standing there for hours. You just don't understand. People here are crazy over coffee. I think that they think, there's crack in it. There is more coffee franchises here as there are cigarettes stalls in South Africa. Now thats what I call a moerse lot. Everyday Tim Hortons or Starbucks are packed with people and have cars lined up around the block like a Justin Bieber concert. Two coffees at Starbucks cost us R97.50 If my friends in South Africa knew this they would not let me back into the country!!

To top it all off they have to take it one step further. My good friend has even started his own radio show. The fabulous topic cannot not be ignored in this day and age. It is truly inspirational in every way. Yes.....its all about Starbucks coffee. Now being a good friend I had to listen to an entire session. Not only because of its highly captivating subject but in true awe that someone has painstakingly researched and prepared an entire show of a subject I never thought existed. There is actually a science behind researching the company all the way from the books the executives publish to their new eco-recycling bins to the simple experience of buying your simple cuppa java. Check out the below link I dare you!

All I can say is: Matt if this thing takes off and you become the face of Starbucks. Just remember your poor African friend who promoted your dream!

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