Monday, 2 April 2012

Broke in Sweden!

So the South African found himself in Stockholm, Sweden for his birthday. Had to take full advantage, its my night, Iam doing anything I want. Money no matter. First hooked up with tickets to the ICE BAR. We did not make a booking so I just charmed my way to get a ticket. Cant remember the line but went something like...."I am poor boy from Africa with a village to feed & this is my dream to come here" well it worked. So in we go, thermal jackets on, drinks poured in glasses made of ice, seats made of ice. Damn everything was ice. Nothing like paying R107 a drink. Hoping the drinking will take my mind of the money, I decided to move on.....


We about 7 of us and just happened to be my managers birthday also. Now normally Iam happy with a hotdog because Europe is Jus with their prices, but we were lekker jolly with a par doppe in and checked out this trendy restaurant. So we check the menu and Reindeer grabbed our attention. I thought fok it "when in Sweden......" So one course Reindeer and a local beer and we all happy. Good company beautiful wife what more can a man ask for? Yoor bra then it hit us. We got the bill and took out our Swedish Kroner. Now we all in lekker company and no one wants to say anything but SEK 661.00 is equal to USD 100 which equals to Rand R775 per fokken meal. Wait up now. When I said reindeer I did not say go to the North Pole and assassinate the one and only Rudolf from Santas fleet! I was happy with just plain old pavement special reindeer. What were these Okes thinking?

Here Iam about to strip my moer but Iam manager so have to speel lanie also. Adding insult to injury we all realized we were still hungry after THE most expensive one course meal we ever had. We walked out of that lions den of a restaurant crossed the road and went straight into McDonalds to stuff ourselves with burgers & fries. Yes that cost us another SEK 132 = USD 20 = R150 each.

Moral of the story is dont brek/brag about "money is not an issue" when in a first world country because you will see your bum! (jy sal jou gat sien!)

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