Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Cappuccino Revolution coming near you!!

We will look back on this century when coloureds in South Africa always finds themselves in the middle. During apartheid we were there between black and white and so we remain now in the new government. Always a nation in the middle, like a penny polony between bread. Our main factory is in Cape Town where we do enjoy a little rule of the land. But no more. The world is changing in our favour. The years of too white to be black and too black to be white is soon behind us. Soon we will play golf and listen to hip hop from our pimped golf carts while drinking Rose.

Its all math you see. We will have brothers and sisters spreading in huge numbers all over the world. I compare this to the spread of GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) When you have a farm of natural corn growing next to a farm with GMO corn there is a natural germination that mixes and engulfs the natural corn wiping it out. So is the spread of coloured people. With time we will mix, produce and reign. I will conscientize my Cappuccino son to this revelation. He has the best of both worlds and can be proud of it. As more interracial couples have families so every time the world becomes more coloured. I predict that in 100 years coloureds will be the majority population in the USA, with small pockets of black and white folks living like the Amish in the South West. To such an extent our coloured government will drop food packages on their farms and leaflets promising we mean peace.

Now is the time to start a new movement of Cappuccino babies. A movement that will place a cappuccino at the head of every first world government. We already took the USA - thanks Barrack - South America is already ours thanks to our olive skinned cousins. The middle East is ours already except those brothers are slightly more difficult to control because, cause right now their women cant even control the men as the sisters are not even allowed to drive yet. We have to leave Asia to our Indian cousins to spread the coloured babies and promote the movement there. And for China......I don't really know with who they stand. Will have to infiltrate and send in the storm troopers to campaign there. Maybe our IT gurus can spread the propaganda by infiltrating their heavily restricted Internet.
Russia is my only big worry at the moment. Those buddies will be very difficult to infiltrate, thank goodness for their drinking problems because it will be in the pubs that we start our campaign. We should work on a vodka that makes you colour blind therefore facilitating our invasion. They are very paranoid still so we will need more than a dirty dozen for this mission. Russia will be the final frontier but the rest of the world will be ours by then!

For now we will fight for Cappuccino rights in every country and instill a sense of pride for having the moves of a black hip hop mogul with the refined diet of a lily white tennis player. We will start by issuing millions of stickers and post cards to be posted in all cities creating a Cappuccino Lets Take the Night Campaign. This will prove that now we are the 25% but soon will will be 75% so watch out and pay respect now. We will start an online campaign and have Denzel Washington star in a short Youtube video which will take the world by storm. We will have the people write to governments and senators demanding our right to rule purely because of the majority we represent in all countries.

The measure of our success is simple. We will be the rainbow nation in all countries across the world. We will be the most adored and favoured. Both for our compassion for the other two races we come from and for the need never to sun tan. The future will see us convert all salad bars and fried chicken stands with gatsby and bunny chow restaurants. This will truly mean we have arrived!!

The Cappuccino revolutions success will also depend on Trevor Noah to be our minister of propaganda. His subterfuge would promote our beautiful skin colour while maintaining an aggressive breeding program.  Well you get the picture.

In 120 years our future leaders will discover this blog and hail me as the Hagel, Nietzsche, Chamberlain & Gobineau of this new Flower Power Reich. Now go take a chill pill this was not about you or your people. This is a mind opener to what will really happen to our world. Its the GMO effect, just think about it!!!

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